How to share Garmin routes with your friends

Wednesday 2010-06-30

Recalculated route (green) does not match the original (pink)I’ve been struggling to get routes into my Garmin Zūmo® in such a way that it matches the plans of the original author, while at the same time setting the Garmin to “recalculate” so that when I take a wrong turn, it will send me back to the track. After reading a lot on the Garmin forums, and experimenting with this on my two recent road trips (one to Eifel and one to Sauerland in Germany) I can say I have found a way to do this. It’s a bit of work, but it will make your trip a lot more trouble-free. Here’s the recipe.

– Nice motorcycle route in a GPX or GDB file
Garmin BaseCamp (BaseCamp for OSX at time of writing)
Garmin Zūmo® (model 660 at time of writing)

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Anti-fog Helmet Visor Tip

Monday 2010-04-19

In some biker magazines you’ll see some cheap journalists write that the “dish washing soap anti-fog is an urban myth”, and that it will “blur your vision”, some may even say it’s downright dangerous. This blogpost is to show that if done right, dish washing soap is actually the absolute best anti-fog treatment money can buy. If you’ve tried this and still don’t like it, there are some easier alternatives at the bottom for your convenience.

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Packing bags on a Speed Triple

Saturday 2009-04-18

my Triumph Speed TripleAs you may know, I traded in my Honda Sevenfifty for a nice Triumph Speed Triple. While waiting for the bike to be delivered, I tried to fiend out how I can take my hefty 4-star ART chainlock on this bike. Apparently, nobody uses chainlocks on their bikes because I could find no information at all about transporting chainlocks.

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