Migrate CVS repository to GForge

Wednesday 2008-03-05

At work we were testdriving SourceForge Enterprise Edition. It is a great system to keep all your project information, source code, documents, bug reports and changes together, and linked. As you may have noticed, the pricing model of the Enterprise Edition is a well kept secret on the site. Our management bargained with the Colabnet people, but the costs (or TCO) were way to steep to keep SourceForge as our main system.

Another product which promises to do almost the same thing is GForge Advanced Server. GForge originally started as a fork of the (then open source) SourceForge code, and is not as advanced as SourceForge is today. But their pricing is more to the likings of our financial people, and we decided it has a good tradeoff between function and price.

Having said all this, we need to migrate a few projects from SourceForge to GForge. If you’d like to know how to do this, this article is for you. It describes how to get your CVS repository into GForge in 6 steps.

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GForge CVS/SSH Authentication Failures

Tuesday 2008-02-26

Recently we had a problem connecting to our GForge CVS through SSH. We added the public RSA key to the GForge user, but because of wrong configuration on the client we tried to connect a couple of times with the wrong key. After a while the GForge CVS will return the following error:

Received disconnect from <GForge ip>: 2: Too many authentication failures for <username>

To solve this, simple ask a GForge administrator to edit the GForge user, and press the “Save” button without changing anything. You will be able to reconnect immediately after the administrator has pressed “Save”.

Link CVS/SVN commit to GForge Tracker Item

Thursday 2008-02-21

Today I spent some time figuring out what the exact format of the CVS comment is when I want to link a commit to a GForge tracker item. I’ll try to explain it a bit simpler:

  • We have GForge installed at work. We use GForge to manage a software project for a customer.
  • The customer reports a bug in the Tracker of GForge. This bug gets assigned to me.
  • I read the code, find the problem and fix it. Now I want to commit the fix to the GForge integrated CVS, and have it automatically linked to the Tracker item for future reference.

I spent 30 minutes Googling for an example, and did find a lot of info, but no real usage examples. The info says “Include the tracker item id in the commit comment”. I spent anther 10 to 20 minutes trying to figure out if this meant just the number, the number with the prefix, or brackets, or both. To save more people from searching, you should copy-paste the complete tracker id from the tracker item screen.

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