Remote Desktop Connection updated

Sunday 2009-01-25

Remote Desktop Connection icon

“Remote Desktop” allows you to see the desktop of a remote Windows machine on your mac. This application will not update itself automatically, unless you have it installed as part of the Microsoft Office for Mac suite. If you’ve downloaded the 1.0.3 version you probably did not notice that “Remote Desktop” was updated somewhere last year by microsoft.

You can find the latest version of Remote Desktop Connection on the Microsoft Mactopia site. Version 2 is an improvement over 1.0.3 (which I had). Notable differences are:

  • Nicer configuration screens, makes configuring your resolution and shares easier.
  • Now a Universal Binary, which should improve performance on Intel Macs. I have not noticed improvement, but that’s probably because the network is the bottleneck.
  • Supports the new RDC 6.0 protocol used by Vista.
  • Can do authentication of the remote machine (if it’s a Vista machine).
  • Your Mac printer can be exposed to the Windows machine so you can print documents on your local printer.

I played with it for a while, and apart form the new looks I can not say it’s very different from the 1.0.x version. It could load my old RDC 1.0.3 configuration files. If you need to connect to a Windows desktop from your Mac, this does the job just fine.


DOCTYPE is a myth…

Tuesday 2008-03-25

… and other wisdom from Joel. Finally, after weeks of slightly boring posts about travel, speeches and FogBugz, Joel has an article on his blog he was so famous for: Martian Headsets.

The article discusses the problems with the HTML spec, and numerous other problems developers are facing these days. That, and the Martians’ strange fascination for all kinds and shades of red.

At times, the article remembered me of some thoughts I have during my dayjob:

  • Minimize. (also known as the KISS principle)
  • Have a contract early in the process. Make it testable. Find a way to handle problems in the contract.
  • Be strict and transparent. Fail early and explain.
  • Using a standard and conforming to it are two different things.
  • Communicate.

Although all are true to some degree, they aren’t going to solve all problems, because everybody has their own set of thoughts and rules. For every problem there is a nice, clean, simple, cheap, wrong answer.

Now go read the article, it’s much better than my writing…

Hidden “Get a Mac” ads

Sunday 2007-12-02

I was browsing YouTube the other day, and noticed that there are some “Get a Mac” commercials which are not on the usual getamac website. These commercials are in the original setting with Justin Long as the Mac and John Hodgman as the PC, but ony published through YouTube or as Flash commercials.

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