Packing bags on a Speed Triple

my Triumph Speed TripleAs you may know, I traded in my Honda Sevenfifty for a nice Triumph Speed Triple. While waiting for the bike to be delivered, I tried to fiend out how I can take my hefty 4-star ART chainlock on this bike. Apparently, nobody uses chainlocks on their bikes because I could find no information at all about transporting chainlocks.

Ofcourse you can put the chainlock around your body, or in a backpack, but neither of these solutions are without risk. Particularly wearing a chainlock around your neck is pretty dangerous when you fall. You might expect that bike manufacturers would leave some room under the seat to transport a lock. But if you have a Speed Triple, you know how little room there is under the seat.
Speed Triple storage... None.    No room in the seat itself... But look! Loops!

As you can see in these pictures, there is not even enough room to put a pair of summer gloves or a simple disclock under the seat. There is a small compartment at the rear, but my insurance requires me to have an SCM approved alarm, which takes up the remaining space under the seat (the box with the yellow sticker in the top left picture).

Loops sticking out    img_1942

To my surprise, Triumph did add a cool feature to the seat itself: loops! Lift the seat, fold the loops out, and put the seat back. Now you can put a backpack on your buddyseat, and strap it to the bike without damaging or even touching any painted parts.


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