Sunday 2007-10-07

Hello reader,

Welcome to the new location of my weblog. The old data is not completely transferred yet, I’ll be doing that from newest to oldest post by hand, because there is no way to do that in the old blog software. This is one of the reasons I am moving away from that blog. I may be running into all kinds of problems, and it may take a while, so if you are looking for existing information, bare with me.

If you can’t find the content and tips you are looking for, please check out the location of my old blog at http://blogger.xs4all.nl/rrolfje.


Phrack still in ASCII

Saturday 2007-08-04

It is a long time since I read this stuff, but I stumbled upon a paper discussing the non-executable stack on OSX (a trick to prevent buffer/stack overflow exploits). Ah, the good old days. And with all this markup, it’s good to see that Phrack magazine stuck to their format. It’s still the same as over 20 years ago… Well written articles, focussed on correctness and content, for the coders out there who are not afraid experimenting with some assembly. The amount of (nightly) hours that go into the research and proof of these articles are unbelievable, and it shows. Read the rest of this entry »