There’s life without Google. Or iCloud. Or Facebook.

Saturday 2014-03-08

Threema, the secure Whatsapp alternativeRegular readers of this blog already know that I am not using dropbox, and I was an Evernote user, but recently decided it became to dangerous and replaced it with my own scripts. I had an interesting discussion on Twitter which made me decide to show you how I run my digital life without the help of Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Whatsapp or iCloud, and still be able to have all the functionality these services offer.

The search was hard and sometimes I need to reconsider some of the choices, but the last few years the selection of products was very stable and the setup has worked flawlessly. Searching for a secure replacement for Whatsapp or Google? It’s in here.
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How big is 5 Zettabyte?

Sunday 2013-06-23

Spy vs SpySince the interview of Edward Snowden with the Guardian, the discussion about privacy and companies storing and sharing unencrypted private data is picking up. Particularly Americans are worried about what it does for their National security and their private data. But that’s actually a naive thought, given the NSA stores worldwide data.

In a recent coverage on (a rather tabloid-looking news station in the U.S.), the interviewers are shocked to see that the NSA spies on “every American”.

This is a limited view of the world and failing to see the importance of spying on people outside the U.S., but lets start with technical side of things first. What data are they storing and how big is their hard-disk?

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Gmail: Save an email to disk

Tuesday 2011-10-18

Gmail save to diskWant to save a single email from gmail to disk, in a readable format for Outlook, Thunderbird or Apple Mail? Here’s how:

  1. Open your browser and log into your gmail account.
  2. Open the email you want to save.
  3. On the top-right, there is a little triangle next to the “Reply” button. Click that, and select “Show Original”.
  4. The original, raw email opens in a new window or tab.
  5. Right-click on this new window, and select “Save as…”.
  6. When saving the file, make sure the extension of the filename is “eml“. So for example “MyEmail.eml”.

All done. Now you dan open the file in Thunderbird, Outlook or whatever email viewer you have out there and see the original mail, in all it’s marked-up glory.

Getting a high Google Quality Score.

Sunday 2008-10-19

The past week, I’ve heard some collegues talking about tweaking websites so that they will show up in Google search results. A lot of people actually try to figure out how to “fool” the Google search engine, and actually make a living writing books about it. The strange thing is, that a lot of people want to be the “I feel lucky” link in Google even when the search query hasn’t got anything to do with the content they’re providing.

It’s actually a funny discussion, because this behaviour which “makes use” of the system, actually breaks it. Suppose a lot of people figure out how to get this done. Now, whenever you use Google, your first page of search results will actually contain stuff you’re not looking for. After a few tries, you’ll get tired of this and start using a different search engine.

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Google Maps Improved?

Tuesday 2008-01-29

Just noticed a funny Google Maps parody video. Enjoy.

Google Talk with your browser!

Wednesday 2006-02-08

Google talk in the browserFor some reason I’ve been selected my the google company to have the new interface of gmail, where you can use google talk without even installing it! Yes you’ve read that right. When I log in to Google, I immediately see a quick contacts list of people who are online (on googletalk), and I can chat with them as if I was using the actual application! Only voice is missing, but I don’t use that anyway (Skype fan), so I am really happy.Now I can google-talk with my friends on *any* computer without having to install plugins, upgrading MSN otherwise contaminating the host’s computer. I am really impressed and amazed (for the past 3 hours or so). Go Google! I feel like buying a t-shirt now 🙂

Oh yeah, and it works in both FireFox and Microsoft Internet Explorer. And I am not kidding.

Auch, and I just missed the scoop on Slashdot… I could have been a succesful submitter. so close, so close.