Drobo FS Lion Time Machine Fix

Saturday 2012-01-07

Many Drobo FS owners out there who upgraded to Lion were unpleasantly surprised by the fact that their Drobo no longer behaved like they used to. After months, drobo released new firmware, but it didn’t improve things all that much. With the new firmware, the Drobo FS:

  • is slow or entirely unresponsive, Time Machine backups don’t finish at all or take days
  • doesn’t show up in the Finder of Lion Macbook owners connecting through wifi
  • has a transfer speed of 20MB/s, even when connecting through GB Ethernet, regardless of OSX version (tested with Snow Leopard, Lion)

If you have one or more of the problems listed above, you will be pleased to hear that there is a “fix”, although it may not be what you were hoping for.

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Replacing Dropbox with Spideroak

Sunday 2011-07-03

After lies about Dropbox Employees not being able to see your files, then proving that they do not do regression testing on their security, the latest change in terms of service really was the last drop. So I dropped dropbox.

I had become dependent on Dropbox to transfer files between my private and work machines, having my notes, configuration files and (encrypted thank god) password databases handy at all times. Searching around, there is really no other service like it. Although lots of products claim to have the same functionality, the “share this folder between all my machines” feature which dropbox proviced is really unsurpassed.

I had to find an alternative solution which would meet the following criterea:

  1. has to be a single, native folder, instantly syncing with all other machines
  2. has to be free or *really* cheap, minimum 2GB
  3. has to use an encryption technology where no one else can ever read my files, not even the hosting party, not even at gunpoint
  4. has to have client software for Windows, Mac and Linux
  5. accessing data on my iPhone would be a nice bonus.

After some browsing around, there are two solutions that come close, one is Wuala, and the other is Spideroak.

For one additonal GB of storage for life, use my referal link to register at SpiderOak. Read the whole article to add another 5GB to that.

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Move Time Machine data to a Drobo

Thursday 2010-12-30

Remember, even Drobo's can die. Make sure your files are in at least three different physical locations, one of which preferably off-site.If Santa treated you particularly well this season, or you have put some of your savings to good use, chances are that you have a brand-new Drobo looking at you right now. Meanwhile, your Mac is happily making Time Machine backups to that trusty old local USB disk. So you want to use that new Drobo for Time Machine backups, but don’t want to loose history? Here’s how (baby steps, no tools required, screenshots included):
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A Bigger Time Machine without Changing History

Sunday 2008-09-07

I had a 160GB drive holding my Time Machine backups. Because I wanted to backup external disks, and still wanted to be able to travel about a year back in time, I bought a 1TB USB disk. Stephen Foskett wrote a great article about how he migrated his TimeMachine backup to a larger disk, but it’s lengthy and misses one essential step.

I decided to give you the short version, this blog post describes how I migrated Time Machine to the new disk without losing any data in 11 easy steps.

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Clone Windows HD on Apple OSX machine

Friday 2008-06-06

Last week, lightning struck at my parents apartment building (literaly). Other damages aside, my dad’s PC also died.

The guy at the PC repair shop warned my dad that “we may need to wipe the HD, do you have a backup”? Ofcourse, all data was backed up daily and “off-site” at my house so all important data was safe. But just in case, we wanted to make an exact disk image of the drive, so that we could easily restore it when the PC returns from the store

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File does not exist?

Tuesday 2008-04-22

For those people who have had problems accessing their files today, I remind you of the very old saying:

“A file does not exist until it exists in two places”

Naturaly, this means on two different physical places, preferably miles apart.

Time Machine to the Rescue

Thursday 2008-02-21

Hi, I just wanted to share with you that I actually recovered a mail item which I had written in Thunderbird for Windows with Time Machine. Yes, Apple’s Time Machine.

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