Print posters on a regular printer with Excel.

Thursday 2014-05-15


I recently needed to print out a big schematic diagram of the RX/TX board of a Kenwood TS50 Transceiver. This did not fit on a single piece of paper. Instead of downloading all kinds of crappy tools or uploading the image to some “free” site which is going to use it for whatever they think justifies their definition of “free”, I found out you can do this in Excel. Here’s how:

  1. Make sure the image you want to print out as a poster has a decent resolution
  2. Open Excel (maybe this will work in LibreOffice too, I haven’t tested, let me know)
  3. Drag the image into a new worksheet so that it is top-left of the sheet.
  4. Open the “Print preview” (the little icon in the bottom left of the window)
  5. Resize the image so that it covers more than one page, up to the number of pages you’d like the poster to be. Your screen should now look somewhat like this:
    Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 21.58.23
  6. Optional: Adjust the page margins.
  7. Print.

After this, you’ll be gluing the pages together, but I think you already figured that out beforehand.

Have fun!


Catnip Watering System

Sunday 2011-12-04

Here’s a one minute how-to on growing catnip without having to water your plants every day.

Aeroccino Motor Replaced

Tuesday 2011-08-16

Months ago, I got this broken Aeroccino milk frother for free. This week I fiddled with it for a few hours, and got it to work:

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Zūmo Mount for Triumph Speed Triple

Wednesday 2009-12-30

The RAM mount coming with the Garmin zūmo’s are fine, but I wanted something more elegant to go with my Triumph Speed Triple. This article contains a detailed description of building your own mount for the Garmin zūmo 660. I mounted the zūmo on my Speed Triple, but the mount is universal enough to be center-mounted on any bike which has riser-mounted handlebars.

No guarantees ofcourse, you’re on your own from here. Bring your tools and read on.

WARNING: When I tried to cut one of these rubbers in half, the bottom disk came loose. It was not as securely glued to the rubber as the top disk. When pulling the zūmo on the mount it does not come off, but if you want to be sure order the Garmin 550 mount rubbers (described in article below).

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Packing bags on a Speed Triple

Saturday 2009-04-18

my Triumph Speed TripleAs you may know, I traded in my Honda Sevenfifty for a nice Triumph Speed Triple. While waiting for the bike to be delivered, I tried to fiend out how I can take my hefty 4-star ART chainlock on this bike. Apparently, nobody uses chainlocks on their bikes because I could find no information at all about transporting chainlocks.

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Replace your mousecable

Tuesday 2008-11-04

I recently tried to purchase a Logitech LS1 mouse from Logitech. After not hearing from them for 3 weeks, I ordered the same mouse at Dynabyte and got it within 5 days. Suddenly Logitech woke up and sent me another LS1 mouse. Because they don’t react to mails or calls, I had a spare LS1 to play around with.

I decided to replace the long, rigid cable with a short supple one. Here’s how you can do that, too.

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Lathe Spindle rebuild, part 1

Tuesday 2007-08-28

o_img_7615.jpgPast few weeks I noticed that the spindle bearings of my lathe were becomming warmer than I liked, particularly when working with higher rpm. Last weekend I decided to take the spindle out, clean the old grease out, and rebuilding it. It turned out to be more work than I expected. The tight fit of the pully made me use the hammer-and-wood trick on the spindle, which I did not like. After a few hours of tapping and fiddling, the pully came of. The spindle gear and the left hand bearing were no fun job either.

Anyway, the whole thing is apart now, and I cleaned out all the grease. I test-fitted the spindle sundaynight, but I can feel a slight “bump” when turning it, I think the grease must have picked up some dirt, most likely a wood chip from the bench. So I have to take it apart again, it has to be perfectly smooth.

After I re-fit the spindle, I have to adjust it with my micrometer to have a play of between 0.004 and 0.005 mm, no more, and no less, while being able to turn it by hand. Sounds like an interesting excercise which will take up more than a few minutes:-)



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