Congratulations, Lewis!

Sunday 2008-11-02

After just missing the title last year, it looked like you were going to just miss it this year, too. The race in Brazil was very thrilling to watch, and in the last few corners of the very last lap were very exiting to watch, especially just getting Glock in the last corner. Nice race, good show. Find somebody to sell the movierights to 😉 . I’m looking forward to seeing you race again next year.



Sell Car, Buy Helicopter

Sunday 2008-05-11

I really like my racing car, but it takes up so much time to get everything right and be competative, that I’ve decided to sell it. The plan is to use the money to buy a Helicopter. Yes that’s right. An airborne lownmawer.

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Drachten open for Dragracing in 2008!

Tuesday 2008-03-11

Drachten Dragrace 2008 FlyerAfter a lot of discussions about the tarmac, who has done what and why, and who has to solve which problems and who is to pay for it all, a “…declaration of Intent has been signed by Dragrace club eXplosion and Stichting Vliegveld Drachten, which means for the next five years, dragracing can be held again on the airstrip in Drachten.”

For more info, see the press release at the eXplosion dragracing site. The work on the airstrip has already started, eXplosion posted some of them on their website. Enjoy.

Dakar, 369 days to go…

Saturday 2008-01-05

The organization of the Dakar rally has cancelled the rally because some idiots are planning terrorist attacks. Instead of doing a partial rally, or a couple of stages around Lissabon, the complete rally is cancelled. I really think this is unacceptable for all riders, sponsors and TV stations depending on this rally.

All the time and money people have put into making it to Dakar is wasted. Next year it will be harder to get sponsors for the rally, because the sponsors will not risk investing large amounts of money in a rally which “may or may not” start. All those private riders which loaned money from the bank will have a hard time returning next year.

Although not nearly as bad as for the competitors, this means a lousy start of 2008 for me and a lot of Dakar fans eagerly waiting the start of the rally, which was scheduled tommorow.

Dakar 2008, 4 days to go.

Tuesday 2008-01-01

Only 4 days until the biggest and toughest rally in the world starts in Lisboa. After 2 weeks, on the 20th of Januari, the bikes will finish their trip in Dakar (oh yes, and there will be some cars too, and some uninteresting truckers). The number to keep an eye on (again) this year is bike 041. It’s Miriam Pol, who is planning on finishing high in the bikes classification.

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Monique Pels

Wednesday 2006-10-04

This morning, Monique Pels passed away after a long period of illnes. Even though I’ve only met Monique a few times, she always left the impression of being a strong, witty, and loving person who enjoyed every minute of life. I can only imagine how big this loss must be for her family, relatives and friends.

My condolences to Bert, Nikita, Indy, Marianne, Ton, Vincent, Annemieke and Jaimey. I wish them all the strength to cope with this loss.

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Soybean racer

Sunday 2006-03-12
The big car manufacturers could have done this, but they didn’t, because they are sponsored by the big oil companies. And your local governement is swimming in taxmoney that’s added to your oil price. And no, they don’t want to get rid of the cars, despite of what they say. The nicest thing for governements would be the complete population sitting in single-seated, gas guzzling cars in a traffic jam accross the country!

Now that a few school kids have proven that you don’t need oil to race, and several American race series run on methanol (no that’s not an oil product), can we please stop making cars that run on gasoline? And by the way, also stop pumping money into the super-dangerous liquid nitrogen cars? All that is purely to keep the oil companies in the same place: monopoly. Do you really think they do it for the environment? What if I told you that your current petrol car can run on bio-degradable methanol, with almost no changes? If you have a very modern car, the fuel system will even auto-adapt! But noooo, they won’t tell you that, because the oil companies and governements want to keep the monopoly intact!

Not that you can really do anything about it though. Except maybe not buying liquid-nitrogen or hybrid cars. There are better technical alternatives, although not on the market yet. Boycot the “environmentally friendly” car, force them into making a *real* environmentally friendly car.

Yes, I’m driving a diesel, and a motorbike. And no, I’m not worried about oil-shortage. It’s all bullshit from the oil companies, who could have come up with alternatives a long while ago, but chose not to. If there really was an oil shortage, we all would have been driving on methanol for quite some time now. And co2 emmisions would have been reduced to absolutely 0.