Drobo FS Lion Time Machine Fix

Saturday 2012-01-07

Many Drobo FS owners out there who upgraded to Lion were unpleasantly surprised by the fact that their Drobo no longer behaved like they used to. After months, drobo released new firmware, but it didn’t improve things all that much. With the new firmware, the Drobo FS:

  • is slow or entirely unresponsive, Time Machine backups don’t finish at all or take days
  • doesn’t show up in the Finder of Lion Macbook owners connecting through wifi
  • has a transfer speed of 20MB/s, even when connecting through GB Ethernet, regardless of OSX version (tested with Snow Leopard, Lion)

If you have one or more of the problems listed above, you will be pleased to hear that there is a “fix”, although it may not be what you were hoping for.

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How to fix a Krups XN2001 Nespresso machine

Saturday 2011-08-27

Click here to see some amazing Latte ArtMaybe the title of this post should read “how to open a Krups XN2001 Nespresso machine”. The Krups XN2001 is almost identical to the newer XN2002 and XN2003. While the XN2003 has normal Torx screws, Krups was a bit more “protective” when they built the XN2001. It has screws that can not be gripped by any screwdriver. Still, there is an easy trick you can use to get headless screws out of any machine.

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Aeroccino Motor Replaced

Tuesday 2011-08-16

Months ago, I got this broken Aeroccino milk frother for free. This week I fiddled with it for a few hours, and got it to work:

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How to replace the headlights on a Citroen Xsara

Saturday 2006-03-11

Recently my left headlight broke. I thought I’d change it quickly, but after half an hour of fiddling I decided to ask my dealer to do it for me, while I was looking. That was not a bad idea. It turned out to be not so straightforward after all, and you actually need tools (which you don’t get when buying the car) to do this! This lead me to write a “small” article on how to replace the headlights of a Citroen Xsara. Enjoy.

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Rotten Rotor

Tuesday 2006-02-14

Kawasaki KL 650 Tengai crankshaft drawingLast week I tried to pull the rotor by using a rotor puller, and a socket (from a socket wrench set) to block it. The socket burried it’s way into the first thread of the crankshaft. After realising this, I tried to fit the rotor bolt, and it wouldn’t go in. Since only the first thread was damaged, I carefully drilled it out (only needed to go 2 mm deep), and now the rotor bolt fits nicely again. Read the rest of this entry »