On this page you can find links to pages of my friends, or pages I think are interesting to watch.

Amstelveense fotopagina A page with photographs of Amstelveen, the Netherlands.
Guus Bosman The diary-blog of a respected ex-collegue of mine.
Zodiac Racing The website of the succesful Harley Davidson Super Twin Top Fuel Dragracing team from the Netherlands.
StrongBad’s email The popular HomeStarRunner webcomic/cartoon.
Games: The online Gran Turismo racing forum. I have spent quite some time here, and still check the site every now and then
GameSpy login page for online gaming.
The ServerSide News and opinions about ServerSide Java programming and frameworks
The Tired Architect Interesting more phylosophical read for programmers and software architects. How to become a good programmer, what are domain artifacts, what is a good solution for a problem, etc.
Slashdot “News for nerds, stuff that matters”.
The Daily WTF Now called “Worse Than Failure” because people thought “What The Fuck…” was too rude. For me it’s still the “What The Fuck…” because it describes the feeling of these situations much better.
The Joel Test: 12 Steps to Better Code One of the best, maybe the best, article on the “Joel on Software” website.
The eMachineShop Download software to design your own hardware, and let them make it for you. They have a lot of possibilities, from milling and drilling to extrusion, injection molding, gear cutting and CNC water jet.
PowerPlusTools The shop of choice for getting your motorlifts, lathe bits, and other workshop materials in the Netherlands. Stop by, it’s worth the visit.
My own:
My Magix photo site It’s not maintained anymore.
Rolfje, the Homepage II The website I maintained long before blogging became polular. It’s a blog-like style site with all kinds of information regarding model car racing in general, and the HPI Proceed 1/8th scale IC car in particular. It’s no longer maintained, but I keep it on because of the information that’s still used by racers worldwide. A domain reserved for registering laptimes, for suporting semi-online racing forums like The software is slacking because of lack of available time and motivation. Dring the day I am a programmer, and doing something different in the evening is quite nice.
Movies (YouTube, Google video):
Hockenheim 2007 Nitro Bikes Video shot from the starting line, several Nitro Bike runs in Hockenheim, August 2007. Starts with the best bike in the field, go Zodiac! 🙂
Kent Electronics (Dutch) Electronics kits and parts.
Electronica Onderdelen Online (Dutch) Electronics parts, also known as Dick Best.
Conrad German Electronics retailer. Kits, parts, lab gear, electronics.
Deal Extreme Cheap Chinesese stuff, lots of fun products. Sells a lot of microcontroller kits, and electronics parts.

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