A Brighter Prius Dashboard

Saturday 2010-08-07

When you drive a Prius (like me), and you always have your lights on (like me), you probably have been irritated by the dimmed speedometer and unreadable display in bright sunlight (like me). If you didn’t read the owners manual (like me), you also probably didn’t know about this trick to get the brightness back (like me). Here’s how:

Lights on, dark dashboard

Hold for two seconds

Voila, full brightness.

You need to do this every time you start the car or turn on/off the lights. Return to a dimmed dashboard while driving by pressing the brightness selector briefly.


OSX: Formatting a 1TB USB Drive

Sunday 2008-09-07

I just bought a Maxtor Basics 1TB drive, and found that I could not seem to format it using the Leopard Diskutility. Then, I found this page which contained the golden tip. I’ll save you some reading:

  1. Open Apple’s Disk Utility
  2. Click on the drive (not the partition in it, if there is any), and select “Partitioning”.
  3. Select “1 partition” and then press “Options”.
  4. You’ll see that “MBR” is the default, which is what’s causing the problem. Select the middle option “Apple Partition” and you’re good to go.

Screenshots included. It’s in Dutch, but the location of the buttons are identical for all languages.