iOS7 hidden features

Saturday 2013-09-28

ios-7-logoIf you’ve just installed iOS7 and like it as much as I do, you are probably interested in all the new features of it, and where to find them. On behalf of Apple, I’ll be happy to point out where all those neat new features are, and share my happiness about this wonderful new magical market-leading mobile OS.

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Toyota (Corolla Verso) iPhone Bluetooth connection

Saturday 2012-08-04

Connect your iPhone to your Toyota's Bluetooth systemMy sisters in law bought a beautiful 2006 Toyota Corolla Verso. They could not get the iPhone to pair with the car’s Bluetooth system. The dealer told them that this was an iPhone problem, but after some fiddling, it turns out there is a simple workaround. If you want to pair an iPhone to your car, and the car says “pairing failed” as soon as you tap on your iPhone, this simple trick might help for you. This article contains detailed steps for the Toyota Corolla Verso, but on other cars this might work too.

Month view Redesign

Friday 2011-10-14

A day in my weekTrue to their tradition on the Mac, the Calendar and Addressbook applications on the iPhone are, let’s say “lacking finesse”. As good as Apple can design products and user interfaces, their focus is clearly not on calendars and address books. I’ve read somewhere that “iCal is proof that Steve does not maintain his own calendar”.

After trying out various replacements on the iPhone, I finally stuck with a pretty darn good calendar for the iPhone called “Week Calendar”. The main reason for switching to that app is that it actually has a week view, but when I started using it more intensely I found myself using the month view the most. Until somebody at Apple stopped the show.

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The €2800,- Roaming Gigabyte

Tuesday 2011-09-27

T-Mobile is scumWe all know the stories about how vacationing smartphone users became the victim of high roaming charges, resulting in monthly bills sometimes exceeding €1000. To put an end to this, the EU has come up with a rule stating that carriers can no longer charge more than €50 per month for roaming, and are obliged to warn the user before reaching this limit. That all sounds nice and consumer friendly, but I recently tested this, and received an “interesting” monthly bill from T-Mobile.

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Why phone companies will fail

Tuesday 2010-11-23

cell phone under waterI recently had a very unpleasant experience with my mobile phone. Actually, it wasn’t so much my mobile phone itself, as it was the sharing of my private mobile phone number between colleagues. Seemingly harmless, but with great consequences.

One of my colleagues, in his innocence and with nothing but good intentions, shared my phone number with another colleague. As I was sitting in the hospital, the second colleague called me with questions about estimates I made for a project, which at that time intensely frustrated me.

Although I had the whole weekend to cool down, I was still pretty pissed the following monday. Some unpleasant conversations followed. I think everything is solved now but I can only hope somebody actually deletes my number when he says he does. Which got me to think about the old fashioned and spectacularly broken addressing model phone companies are still using.

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The Car Buying Story

Sunday 2010-01-10

Stephen needs a new car. Being dilligent and a car lover, he takes the time to write down all criteria for a great car. When he finishes the list, he notices that the only car matching all his criteria is a Ferrari. Well, he always loved a Ferrari so that makes sense. To make things more realistic he adds another criteria, called “price”, and starts looking for alternatives.

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How to put DVD’s on your iPhone (for free)

Saturday 2009-02-28

For A Few Dollars More

A lot of companies like to sell you applications to put DVD’s on your iPhone. Usually these apps are just wrappers around existing tools, and are pretty expensive if you consider you can do it for free. And you don’t need to be a computer wizard either! The steps are simple:

  1. Use Handbrake to rip the DVD to iPhone format
  2. Drag the generated mp4 file into iTunes
  3. Sync it to your iPhone like all other content

To show you exactly how this is done, I’ve  written up this “babystep-by-babystep” tutorial. Let me show you how I ripped “For A Few Dollars More” and put it on my iPhone:

Disclaimer: The DVD I ripped is bought and payed for. This article does not relief you of your responsibility to obey the law, so please be careful. And be nice, don’t pirate.

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