Toyota (Corolla Verso) iPhone Bluetooth connection

Connect your iPhone to your Toyota's Bluetooth systemMy sisters in law bought a beautiful 2006 Toyota Corolla Verso. They could not get the iPhone to pair with the car’s Bluetooth system. The dealer told them that this was an iPhone problem, but after some fiddling, it turns out there is a simple workaround. If you want to pair an iPhone to your car, and the car says “pairing failed” as soon as you tap on your iPhone, this simple trick might help for you. This article contains detailed steps for the Toyota Corolla Verso, but on other cars this might work too.

  • Start the car (don’t start driving), and take out your iPhone.
  • On the iPhone, tap “Settings”, “General” and “Bluetooth”. Make sure Bluetooth is switched on. Leave the iPhone on this screen.
  • Press and hold “mode” on the steering wheel of the car.
  • When the car says “Setup Menu”, say “Pair Phone”
  • On the iPhone, tap the “TOYOTA” network.
    The car will almost immediately say “Pairing failed”. On your phone, the password prompt will show. Do not do anything, let the phone stay on this screen.

Toyota Corolla Verso DashboardThis is because the iPhone probably tries to connect with a default password like “0000”, the car immediately aborts, and doesn’t allow a second try. The phone detects the connection failure and will popup a “password” screen for you to enter a number that does work, but the car has already given up. Not to worry, read on:


  • Press and hold “mode” on the steering wheel again.
  • When the system says “Setup Menu”, say “Pair Phone”

The car enters pairing mode for the second time. Because the phone is still in the “Password prompt” screen, it is already past the detection phase,  and will not try to send the default password. Now you can enter your password and the connection will succeed on the “first” try as seen from your car.

  • With the iPhone still in the password screen, enter “1234” (or whatever password the car tells you) press “Connect”.

Congratulations, your phone is now paired.


18 Responses to Toyota (Corolla Verso) iPhone Bluetooth connection

  1. s23 says:

    Thank you – this worked. Solved a big problem for me.

  2. Glenn Sheridan says:

    Thank You…. after searching the net for days with NO results, this got it working for me first time. Thank you Thank You Thank you!

  3. Sam says:

    I have a toyota verso model 2004, does it work in my car as well?

  4. M. Van Galen says:

    Thank you… This worked. It was a Great help for me. Thank you!

  5. Jean-Louis says:

    I thank you very much for the solution. It worked immediately. Thank you for sharing this.

  6. Wilton says:

    Can someone explain this like I’m 6? hehe

  7. Vittorio says:

    Thank your from Italy!!!

  8. Tijs says:

    What of my car is talking in French?

  9. Matt says:

    Thanks a second time (didn’t write the first time). Just wanted to say that your workaround will not work if the Iphone was already paired with the Verso and by accident uncoupled (thanks Honey ;-)). IN THIS CASE FORCE THE PHONE TO FORGET THE VERSO! Then it works again!
    Thanks from the parking lot!

  10. Hayder says:

    I tried to follow your instructions, there is no HAND FREE system installed with the Corolla Verso 2006..
    Any suggestions please!!

  11. Hi I have a 2006 verso, can I stream music through a bluetooth. ipod to the blue tooth in my car?

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