GForge CVS/SSH Authentication Failures

Tuesday 2008-02-26

Recently we had a problem connecting to our GForge CVS through SSH. We added the public RSA key to the GForge user, but because of wrong configuration on the client we tried to connect a couple of times with the wrong key. After a while the GForge CVS will return the following error:

Received disconnect from <GForge ip>: 2: Too many authentication failures for <username>

To solve this, simple ask a GForge administrator to edit the GForge user, and press the “Save” button without changing anything. You will be able to reconnect immediately after the administrator has pressed “Save”.


AFP breaks when messing with your Public folder!

Thursday 2007-10-04

Hi, just a quick reminder to myself and users of the AFP protocol (Apple File Protocol) who are wondering why it is not working. For some strange reason, if you start messing (deleting) the “Public” folder of any user which is on the system providing the AFP share, you will break the AFP protocol.

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