Solving the JAXB “unexpected element” problem

Monday 2015-06-08

-1If you are using JAXB in a maven/java project to unmarshal an XML document and you get:

javax.xml.bind.UnmarshalException: unexpected element (uri:”urn:iso:std:somestuff:xsd:somestuff”, local:”Document”). Expected elements are (none)

Or if you are using JAXB to marshal an XML document and you get:

com.sun.istack.internal.SAXException2: unable to marshal type “generated.somestuff.Document” as an element because it is missing an @XmlRootElement annotation

You have probably fallen victim of the fact that JAXB does not do “Simple Binding” by default. If your project is a maven project and you generated classes based on an xsd file, this is how you fix it (without changing the xsd file):

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Non-Java Binary Dependencies in Maven

Thursday 2013-07-18

binary-pillowSuppose you have a Java Server application, and some of the runtime binaries in that application are external to your application. Generated image files, compiled Silverlight components in your pages, or resource files which are managed by an external team.

Much like the jar files used by your application, these external binaries can be seen as dependencies, with versions. This blogpost assumes your project is built with Maven 2, because the real world isn’t always a greenfield project.

Because Maven is designed around jar file dependencies, and a lot of it’s internal decisions are based on file extensions, it looks like this problem can not be tackled with Maven. But there is a way to do this. It will decouple your sub-projects and make version and dependency management much better.

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Your Maven Java WEB project in Eclipse WTP

Saturday 2011-01-29

In our company, all Java projects are setup with Maven configuration so that after a “mvn eclipse:eclipse” any developer is generally good to go. One of these projects was a web project but would not transform into a WTP project. By running “mvn eclispe:eclipse” it became a Java project, but could not be added to a Server in Eclipse. It was not a WTP project.

I learned that the author of the project tried but never got the WTP plugin to work properly. Using the Google, I found more people who are having the same problem converting their existing Maven Java Web projects in Eclipse into a WTP project. There are even a few desperate articles describing how to edit your .project and .classpath files. Oh dear. This calls for an article on

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