Steve Jobs’ yacht launched, named “Venus”

Sunday 2012-10-28

Today Steve Job’s yacht was launched from a dock a few miles from my house. I went there with some friends and we shot some awesome footage of this incredible ship. Through the glass, we could see the 7 iMacs which are used to control the ship. There are also large doors on the side and the back, I suspect these will be used to launch boats or jetskis into a nice warm Mediterranean water.

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Having fun at J-Fall 2011

Thursday 2011-11-03

J-Fall 2011This year’s Dutch Java Nerd event called J-Fall was held in Nijkerk, in a beautiful location called “Hart van Holland” . With plenty of sessions by speakers from all over the world it promised to be a great day for Java enthusiasts, at a great location for meeting friends and colleagues. I took a day off from work and it was well worth it.

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The rumors can stop now. iPad is here.

Wednesday 2010-01-27

So the word is finally out, it’s going to be the iPad. I was kind of worried about this, and my worries are not completely taken away by the news currently oozing out of the Apple keynote. I see some problems with this device, although they are well hidden under Steve’s reality distortion field, the Apple secret sauce and the “gee why didn’t we think of that” features.

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Tweet Week

Sunday 2009-02-15

TwitterAbout a week ago, I was a bit bored and decided to see what Twitter is all about. I created an account, and I Tweeted for a week. I tried to keep to the original idea, where a Tweet should answer the question “What are you doing”? Looking back, my tweets include CoffeePodcastsGlobal frustrationSmall joysSmall irritationsRe-tweets, and Replies

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Bill’s Mosquitoes

Friday 2009-02-06

Bill Gates Releases MusquitoesBill Gates found a very good way to get the news reporters to pay attention to the malaria problem. In his talk at the TED conference, he released a few mosquitoes, stating that malaria should not be just for poor people to experience. People who did not see the whole performance may react shocked, because when placed out of context it sounds like an outrageous thing to do.

If you think that’s the case, you should maybe have a look at his talk, available (for free, without registering) at You’ll see that the audience is actually laughing when he releases the mosquitoes, and at the end of the talk Bill gets a standing ovation.

In addition to the malaria problem, Bill also makes a very good case about how important good teachers are, and what we can do to help teachers become just that.

Noisy feeds and bad news

Friday 2007-11-16

Since the comming of rss feeds, the world is a better place for online people like me. I can select interesting newsfeeds I’d like to read, and compose my own newspaper. For newssites, this requires a new skill. For them to keep me as a reader, they need to keep the rss feed up to date, and with items I’d like to see. Because I can do research on the spot, the news items better be balanced, verified and unbiased (unless it’s funny ;-). Recently I dumped the rss feed because of the constant re-posting of only slightly modified articles.

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Pomphouders dupe van ‘spookliters’

Tuesday 2006-01-24

For those that can read Dutch. This is a nice example of Dutch gasstation owners wanting to be compensated for the fact that gasoline (or any other fluid you can sell) schrinks when cooled.

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