You are a pirate!

Saturday 2008-10-25

A briliant post on today explains in one single cartoon why DRM is bad:

Steal This Comic

Steal This Comic

I couldn’t have made it simpler (although I tried).


A Weekend of Crashes

Sunday 2008-08-31

This weekend was a lot of fun. Saturday night I got to fly Leo’s Walkera 60B electric helicopter. That’s one piece of impressive (and scary) machinery. Although it feels easier to fly than my 4#3B, I still “managed” to crash it. Luckaly the blades can be easily replaced, and after tightening a bunch of screws and replacing a pin in the main gear, it was good to fly again. We flew 3 times, and had to repair the helicopter after each flight 🙂 I hope I can treat you with good shots of the Walkera 60B next time, there are not many high-quality images of it online.

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New Helicopter to Master

Sunday 2008-08-10

A friend of mine and me ordered 2 Walkera 4#3B electric model helicopters 3 weeks ago. Last frinday, they finally arrived, and this weekend we had some good fun flying them.

If you think flying a PicooZ is hard, don’t even start thinking about one of these. It looks easier on the youtube video’s than it seems. I have some experience with RC models (mainly cars and boats), but flying this helicopter is really hard. I can not get it to hover steadily, I need some serious practice to tame this baby. 🙂

I just took my camera out to shoot make some action shots of the heli’s in the air, when one of them crashed so hard that the tail boom broke. We ordered some spare parts for both ‘copters, they’ll arrive somewhere next week. In the meantime you can check out some of the photographs I made of my Walkera on my desk.


Thursday 2008-08-07

I just came across this great post about creating captivating content. The punchline: It’s not about getting the scoop, it’s about finding the cowbell and amplifying it.

More funny cowbell references:

If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to “explore the studio space”. No, really. 🙂

The Process

Friday 2008-08-01

When working at a Software Company, every now and then you need to do requirements workshops. You can’t imagine how close the following video comes to the truth. Thanks to Seth’s blog.

The Manualist

Friday 2008-07-25

There’s a funny comercial on Dutch television which says that you should be paying too much for all the rubbish you download on the internet. Here’s a nice example of stuff you don’t want to pay too much for 🙂

It may look silly, but this guy actually had to be practicing a lot to get to this (Mario) level.

Again and Again

Tuesday 2008-05-20

A while ago there was a bit of a hype on the net around the song “Again and Again” by “the Bird and the Bee”. It’s a great song, and the video is pretty okay. For MacBreak Weekly listeners this is old news, but actually there is a much better version of the video clip.

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