Why phone companies will fail

Tuesday 2010-11-23

cell phone under waterI recently had a very unpleasant experience with my mobile phone. Actually, it wasn’t so much my mobile phone itself, as it was the sharing of my private mobile phone number between colleagues. Seemingly harmless, but with great consequences.

One of my colleagues, in his innocence and with nothing but good intentions, shared my phone number with another colleague. As I was sitting in the hospital, the second colleague called me with questions about estimates I made for a project, which at that time intensely frustrated me.

Although I had the whole weekend to cool down, I was still pretty pissed the following monday. Some unpleasant conversations followed. I think everything is solved now but I can only hope somebody actually deletes my number when he says he does. Which got me to think about the old fashioned and spectacularly broken addressing model phone companies are still using.

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A Brighter Prius Dashboard

Saturday 2010-08-07

When you drive a Prius (like me), and you always have your lights on (like me), you probably have been irritated by the dimmed speedometer and unreadable display in bright sunlight (like me). If you didn’t read the owners manual (like me), you also probably didn’t know about this trick to get the brightness back (like me). Here’s how:

Lights on, dark dashboard

Hold for two seconds

Voila, full brightness.

You need to do this every time you start the car or turn on/off the lights. Return to a dimmed dashboard while driving by pressing the brightness selector briefly.

Why Growth is a bad thing. Bad.

Monday 2010-05-17

Quite often I am amazed at people’s ability to miss what looks obvious to me. Not only the small things like cleaning up when you spill coffee over the floor, or washing your hands when you get off the toilet, but also bigger things. Like the silly “solutions” to the world’s pollution problem for example.

Looking to solve our pollution problem by changing people’s behavior is one of the things which to me is obvious to fail. Although some behavior may speed up pollution, in the end we all pollute, wether we like it or not.

At the risk of writing a very unpopular blogpost, I’d like to share some thoughts on the ongoing and ever increasing pollution problem. In my eyes, there are 2 real causes of pollution, and ultimately these causes are even self-repairing although you may not like how that works out for you.

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Installing Wubi 9.10

Friday 2010-04-23

Why I HATE LinuxOk, fist of all: DO NOT DOWNLOAD WUBI 9.10 as it contains a serious GRUB2 problem which will give you some headaches if you’re new to Linux. Why I’m saying this? I just ran into this GRUB2 problem while installing the new Wubi 9.10. Here’s what I did:

  1. Downloaded Wubi 9.10 windows installer and ran it.
  2. Installer downloads stuff, and boots into Ubuntu installer
  3. After reboot, GRUB screen comes up with a loud beep and a prompt. Great.

Some googling finds a lot of Linux voodoo talking l33tspe4king nerds, but it did contain some info with which I managed to get things working:

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Anti-fog Helmet Visor Tip

Monday 2010-04-19

In some biker magazines you’ll see some cheap journalists write that the “dish washing soap anti-fog is an urban myth”, and that it will “blur your vision”, some may even say it’s downright dangerous. This blogpost is to show that if done right, dish washing soap is actually the absolute best anti-fog treatment money can buy. If you’ve tried this and still don’t like it, there are some easier alternatives at the bottom for your convenience.

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Ibatis Inline Parameter Maps

Tuesday 2010-02-16

Today I (re)discovered a feature in the Ibatis data mapper framework which was clearly documented, but for some reason was not being used in our project. The feature is called “inline parameter maps” and combined with a wrapper bean it can clean up a lot of clutter in the code and in the SqlMaps. Please feel free to share this example with your fellow Ibatis Data Mapper 2 framework users.

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The rumors can stop now. iPad is here.

Wednesday 2010-01-27

So the word is finally out, it’s going to be the iPad. I was kind of worried about this, and my worries are not completely taken away by the news currently oozing out of the Apple keynote. I see some problems with this device, although they are well hidden under Steve’s reality distortion field, the Apple secret sauce and the “gee why didn’t we think of that” features.

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