The Useless Machine

The past year, you may have seen me tweeting some “#secretproject” tweets. Last week, the project was finally revealed, and here is the video, in case you’ve missed it:

This is what is known on the internet as a “Useless Machine” or “Leave-me-alone Box”. In case you want to make one, there are plenty of instructions online. I think you can build a basic version of this in about a weekend, and it will cost you less than ten euros. 

The tea box
Servo, dismantled
Servo mounted to switch
Wooden arm on the sander
Aluminum arm offset bushing in the lathe.
Arm mounted on the servo
Assembly in front of the tea box
Cutting the decorative ventilation holes
Painting sanding painting sanding painting sanding…
Assembly painted black for cool looks
Waiting for glue to set
Last minute hack: on/off switch for transport
The “Useless Machine” or “Leave me alone box”

Now go build your own. Have fun!


4 Responses to The Useless Machine

  1. mile says:

    it looks nice, but still, why in a world would you make a useless machine? 🙂

  2. sarah says:

    Where can i find a useless machine?

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