The rumors can stop now. iPad is here.

So the word is finally out, it’s going to be the iPad. I was kind of worried about this, and my worries are not completely taken away by the news currently oozing out of the Apple keynote. I see some problems with this device, although they are well hidden under Steve’s reality distortion field, the Apple secret sauce and the “gee why didn’t we think of that” features.

  • The dock for the iPad is has me worried about mechanical failure. A large device resting on a small connector.
  • Most people I know have a macbook and/or an iPhone. The iPad overlaps both the macbook and the iPhone in functionality, and it requires an extra data subscription. So they will probably hold out for a bit.
  • Although the rest of the pad looks beautiful, the “home” button makes it into a big iPhone which I personally think is not a plus.
  • The carriers will try to sell you the 3G models, subsidized. Don’t go for that, buy the wifi instead, or try to get the wifi+3G sim-lock free. I’m glad Apple did not go for the carrier lock in construction on this one.

I admit, the video looks stunning. The UI is very polished (look at the pinch to peek in a stack of photo’s), the device is nice and thin. Notice how the screen does not go all the way to the edge, so that you can put your thumb somewhere to hold it. And although it lacks a camera, it has all other iPhone features (yes, including GPS) so almost all iPhone apps will work on it.

The additional $130 for the 3G option may be a bit steep, but the overall pricing is pretty good, almost competing with the netbooks, starting at $499 at the 16GB wifi only model.

Judging from the very young information right now, I understand that I may not be target audience for this advice. I need a keyboard and a large screen. But if you’re in the (American) market for a netbook or something to browse a bit on the couch, have a look at the video.


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