The Car Buying Story

Stephen needs a new car. Being dilligent and a car lover, he takes the time to write down all criteria for a great car. When he finishes the list, he notices that the only car matching all his criteria is a Ferrari. Well, he always loved a Ferrari so that makes sense. To make things more realistic he adds another criteria, called “price”, and starts looking for alternatives.

The first car he looks at is practical, but hasn’t got the speed of a Ferrari. The second car can carry a lot of stuff, but hasn’t got the sound of a Ferrari. The third car is really modular, but hasn’t got the looks of a Ferrari. The fourth car is very fast, but doesn’t handle as a Ferrari. The fifth car is an independant brand, and can be repaired in any shop, but it breaks down much more often than a Ferrari. The sixth car has a cool design-flip-type-clock and integrated MP3 player, but the manual coming with it does not explain how to operate them.

The seventh car looked too good to be true good in the advertisement. The images in the brochure look stunning. It has everything on his list, and also matches the price criteria. Stephen orders it immediately. But when delivered it does not live up to the whole Ferrari design, look and feel. By far.

Stephen is not really unhappy and has learned to live with the car’s shortcomings. When asked about his new car, Stephen kindly shows it, but the first sentence he regretfuly utters is “but ofcourse, it’s not a Ferrari”…

The moral of this story is: If you don’t buy a Ferrari, you’ll never own a Ferrari.

search: car
replace: mobile phone

search: Ferrari
replace: iPhone

The events in this story are fictitious. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental. I cannot emphasize enough how coincidental the fictional entities are to any real life individual, entity, or character. For more disclaimers I’d like to refer you to this site’s about page.

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