Migrate from Password Gorilla to KeePass

KeePass logoI used to use Password Gorilla to store my passwords, because it can run on both Mac and Windows. Because my password database keeps growing, Password Gorilla is becomming a very slow starter, even on my new solid state disk. A few weeks ago I learned that KeePass is a much more modern application, and is available for both Mac and Windows. Here’s what I did to get all my passwords into KeePass:

  1. Download KeePass 1.05 (this is an older version, but required by the following plugin)
  2. Download the PwSafeDbImport plugin.
  3. Unzip both zipfiles.
  4. Put the PwSafeDbImport.dll file in the directory where KeePass.exe is.
  5. Start KeePass.exe
  6. Click on “Tools” -> “Plugins” and right-click on the PwSafeDbImport plugin, select “enable”
  7. Stop KeePass, and start it again.
  8. Create a new KeePass password file (Ctrl-N)
  9. Select “File” -> “Import from” -> “PwSafe database”
  10. Select the Password Gorilla database you want to import from
  11. Enter your Password Gorilla database password
  12. Check (some of) the new entries in KeePass to verify the import went smoothly
  13. Save the KeePass file.

Now that you’re done, you can upgrade to the latest KeePass version. The KeePass database stays compatible between versions, information on that is on the KeePass website.


3 Responses to Migrate from Password Gorilla to KeePass

  1. joopzand says:

    Thanks for the tips! I tried it this weekend, and had a smooth migration! 🙂

  2. Axel says:

    Champion! Finally got away from Gorilla to KeeypassX!

  3. Thanks, it worked, even from Password Gorilla on Apple. I had to do the conversion on a Windows machine though, but it worked!

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