Are you a Wise person?

Rubber Duck

When Ducks migrate for the winter, they are able to have their brain partially asleep. This comes in handy when you have to fly hours on end in a pack, without restbreaks. Aparently, people have started to adopt this habbit. Yes you’ve read that right. I’ve seen some very good examples of people using only one half of their brains.

Let me give you an example. Do you have healthcare insurance? Does that insurance company make nice promises about actually helping you get better? Does the commercial include smiling people being helped immediately by loving, caring, smiling people of the insurance company? Probably the answers to all those questions are yes.

Machine has no brain

Those of you who were unfortunate enough to actually have had to collect healthcare, know it’s different. First of all, they require you to go through lengthy procedures with lots of forms which take sometimes months to process. Never mind if you lost your hand and can’t fill them in, you’ll get them anyway.

Meanwhile, the hospital wants to get paid, so you need to use your life savings to do that, hoping you will get it back from the insurance company later, which is somethimes very unlikely. And although they make you think otherwise, insurance companies actually start blabbering about insuring the cause, not the damage. Now what customer cares about that?

All these people could actually know how you’re feeling, but they choose not to. They might even know how to really help you, but that part of their brain has been in sleep mode for years. They hide behind the rules and procedures, and lie about being “unable” to bend them. You could be one of those people, maybe even without knowing. Can you figure out what the intention was behind the rules and procedures, instead of just folowing them? If you’re wise enough, you could probably find a way to actually understand and help your customers, maybe even without bending rules.

Barry Schwartz on losing wisdomSo, are you a wise person? Barry Schwartz has a very good and inspirig TED talk about this. It is a brilliant 20 minute talk, and I couldn’t have said it better. Please find some time to watch it, it’s available free of charge, in high quality, also as podcast.

Let’s lead by example.


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