Replace your mousecable

I recently tried to purchase a Logitech LS1 mouse from Logitech. After not hearing from them for 3 weeks, I ordered the same mouse at Dynabyte and got it within 5 days. Suddenly Logitech woke up and sent me another LS1 mouse. Because they don’t react to mails or calls, I had a spare LS1 to play around with.

I decided to replace the long, rigid cable with a short supple one. Here’s how you can do that, too.

Logitech makes mice, and sometimes nice ones. The trouble is that most mice are for PC users, who have their PC sitting on the floor, far away from the desk. So mouse cables are long, too. Logitech likes to use very ridgid cables for their mice, which sometimes means that the cable will actually have so much “spring” that it will push your mouse back.

Normally I’m behind a laptop, so my mousecable can easily be as short as 30cm, and has to be as supple as the wires on your original iPod headphones. Luck has it, that you can actually change the cable on the Logitech LS1 mouse quite easily, with some patience and a soldering iron.

  1. Remove the slidepad-stickers to reveal 3 little black screws at the bottom.
  2. Open up the mouse.
  3. Unplug the white plug and remove the mousecable. The colors on my model were wired according to the USB standard. The leftmost black connects to the housing, the second black is GND, red is VCC, white is D- and green is D+.  
  4. Re-use the old plug to solder your own cable onto. I used a very thin mousecable of a very cheap mouse I had lying around, but you can use any supple USB cable you like as long as you get the connections right.
  5. Plug the new cable back in, and use a little tie-wrap to keep the cable in place in case you pull it.
  6. Put it all back together.

For the observant reader: No, I did not connect the outer housing to ground, you studied the pictures very well. The new cable only had 4 leads. But given the shorter cable, it works fine without interference. 

And finally the mouse with the old and the new cable. See the difference? The old cable almost looks like a sewer pipe compared to the new thinner cable. 

If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to replace the other LS1 mouse with a white USB cable to match my mac 🙂

Oh and don’t order your Logitech mouse directly from Logitech, their webshop is crappy, and their customer support is impossible to reach.


4 Responses to Replace your mousecable

  1. Does this give any problems with the slidepad stickers?

  2. Air0ne says:

    Same concern with the slidedpad-stickers here….

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