OSX: Formatting a 1TB USB Drive

I just bought a Maxtor Basics 1TB drive, and found that I could not seem to format it using the Leopard Diskutility. Then, I found this page which contained the golden tip. I’ll save you some reading:

  1. Open Apple’s Disk Utility
  2. Click on the drive (not the partition in it, if there is any), and select “Partitioning”.
  3. Select “1 partition” and then press “Options”.
  4. You’ll see that “MBR” is the default, which is what’s causing the problem. Select the middle option “Apple Partition” and you’re good to go.

Screenshots included. It’s in Dutch, but the location of the buttons are identical for all languages.

7 Responses to OSX: Formatting a 1TB USB Drive

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  2. Cody says:

    Thank you for this succinct article! Just got my 1Tb external hd, this article saved me a lot of headache.

  3. Jaap Berends says:

    Thanx this helps a lot!!

  4. jakeryaz says:

    your a legend, thanks for the tip

  5. zilundtexas says:

    Thanks heaps. Worked a charm.

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