A Weekend of Crashes

This weekend was a lot of fun. Saturday night I got to fly Leo’s Walkera 60B electric helicopter. That’s one piece of impressive (and scary) machinery. Although it feels easier to fly than my 4#3B, I still “managed” to crash it. Luckaly the blades can be easily replaced, and after tightening a bunch of screws and replacing a pin in the main gear, it was good to fly again. We flew 3 times, and had to repair the helicopter after each flight 🙂 I hope I can treat you with good shots of the Walkera 60B next time, there are not many high-quality images of it online.

After getting the hang of the big 60B, I got home and did some flying with my little Walkera 4#3B. I can now seem to hover it slightly longer than last week, but I still “landed” the thing in the strangest places. Normally there’s not much damage, but this time I broke the tail rotor axle. In the pictures, you can also see the crack in the canopy which I simply repaired with a piece of tape. After I repaired the tailrotor, I crashed it again, this time breaking the rear tail altogether.

The third crash this weekend was not mine, but Kacey Stoner‘s. In the MotoGP race at Misano, Rossi almost high-sided in the first lap, and that little mistake made the gap with Stoner about 3 seconds. As Rossi was trying to gain, Stoner went down in the hairpin in the 8th lap. I sure would have liked to see Rossi and Stoner battle for the win. All in all it was a nice race, won by Valentino Rossi.


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