Mine are real.

As Seth Godin pointed out“Organizations will work tirelessly to de-personalize every communication medium they encounter.”

Just to let you know, all my mail is hand typed, including the “Kind Regards” and my name at the end. You may find it silly, but I think it shows that you care. I always think about my greetings, and I even try to vary them every now and then. Having a default greeting underneath every mail, wether the content of that mail requires it or not is just plain silly.

Almost just as silly as the disclaimers people put in the mail, thinking that it has any legal value, or even thinking somebody actually reads those.

Next time you receive a mail from me, keep in mind that my greetings are actual, meaningful, honest greetings, personally written from me to you. You may have noticed that I am never “yours”, because then I would be “truly” lying.

And yes, it als gives me an opportunity to leave them out, or tone them down. You’re allowed to check your mail now. Go and feel special.


3 Responses to Mine are real.

  1. Guus says:

    <!–Template 7–>
    Great article!
    <!–end –>

    Best regards,

  2. Guus says:

    Ah, your filter took my meta tags out 😉

  3. rolfje says:

    Fixed. 🙂 I’t not a filter. The comments code doesn’t handle < and > intelligently.

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