Sell Car, Buy Helicopter

I really like my racing car, but it takes up so much time to get everything right and be competative, that I’ve decided to sell it. The plan is to use the money to buy a Helicopter. Yes that’s right. An airborne lownmawer.

In the past, I have had much fun getting the HPI Proceed 1:8 scale IC car to Europe, driving it, promoting it, and talking about it online. A few years ago I had to stop my hobby because it took too much time, and I didn’t want to half-ass it. Because I had so much fun with it, and spent so much time with it, I couldn’t really get myself into selling it. But now, I’m ready. I’m selling the car.

I think it’s a nice time to switch hobbies, and go airborne. I have had lots of fun with my amazing Silverlit helicopter, and about a week ago one of my friends bought a Walkera 60B Electric helicopter. It look’s like fun, so I’m getting one as soon as I’ve raised enough funds. Selling the car will definetely help 🙂

Good teaser huh, you didn’t think I had a full-scale racing car and was getting a full-scale helicopter, now did you? 🙂


3 Responses to Sell Car, Buy Helicopter

  1. Yordan says:

    Me and my son also have this fantastic car. We read your posts on Proceed and thank you. If is possible share with me your price for Proceed, or things individually if possible.
    Greetings. Yordan / Bulgaria

  2. Yordan says:

    Maybe you right Rolfje. Good luck.
    Merry holidays!

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