HomeZone: Start iSync automatically

Recently, I installed “Do Something When” and use it to start rsync scripts when I plug in certain USB devices. By doing this, every time I plug in my USB memory stick containing my Password Gorilla password databases, it gets backed up (Apple style, with timestamps). Needless to say, it then gets backed up by TimeMachine.

I also needed this hands-off approach for synchronizing my iCal calendar with my new Nokia 6300 phone. Enter Homezone, a very cool app that can detect if a certain Bluetooth device is in range, and start iSync. It can also lock and unlock your screen when your phone is in or out of range, respectively. I did find some buttons looking funny when running it in Leopard, but it does work fine.

Next up: a review between Busy Sync and Spanning Sync for synchronizing iCal with Google Calendar.


2 Responses to HomeZone: Start iSync automatically

  1. rolfje says:

    More info on what you can do with HomeZone can be found here:

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