OSX 10.5.2 Solved SMB problems (for me)

In a previous post on this blog, I indicated that the 10.5.1. update of Apple’s OSX did not fix my network and SMB problems with my Iomega drive. In the comments underneath, some readers kindly pointed out that Iomega’s K104w11 Firmware update is available for the Iomega drive I have. Now that 10.5.2 is out, I reconnected the Iomega drive to my network. And suddenly the world changed…

I didn’t upgrade the drive, because I thought that was rediculous. It works with Windows, it works with Tiger, why shouldn’t it work with Leopard? Right now I’m glad that I didn’t go through the trouble of upgrading my drive:

With the OSX release 10.5.2, my Iomega drive is accesable, and I can drag files on and off as I like.

I have created a “sparse bundle” disk image on the drive, so that I can copy files onto it which are bigger than 4GB, and have (very very) long names. So it’s finally there: A network mounted 500GB HPS+ partition to which I can backup my backups using an rsync script.

Now that everything works, I might even be tempted to do that Iomega software upgrade, but then again: “if it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it”.

Next thing on my list to find out: What if I upgraded my Tiger fileserver to Leopard, and had TimeMachine running there. Could I rsync the TimeMachine disk to an off-site location without sending the double-hardlinked files twice?


One Response to OSX 10.5.2 Solved SMB problems (for me)

  1. rolfje says:

    OSX update 10.5.2 is barely installed on my machine, and MacNN reports that Apple is testing update 10.5.3: http://www.macnn.com/articles/08/03/28/mac.os.x.1053.testing/

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