Helicopter fun

A couple of friends of mine bought me a great toy for my birthday: my very own personal Helicopter! It is an amazing piece of engineering, weighing only a couple of grams, and having a very simple remote with the usual “left/right/forward/reverse” type of remote.

After a bit of practice, it is actually pretty easy to fly. Once you get it to stop wiggling in the air (patience!), it will start flying forward at a slow pace, at which point you can steer it left or right. While turning, it will loose or pick up speed depending if you make a left or right turn. The least bit of draft in the house will “feel” like a storm, so keep the windos closed.

See my photo’s of it taking off from my coffee table and flying into the kitchen. I only made still photo’s, but if you want live video, you can find other people’s PicooZ helicopter videos at YouTube.


One Response to Helicopter fun

  1. […] you think flying a PicooZ is hard, don’t even start thinking about one of these. It looks easier on the youtube […]

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