Hidden “Get a Mac” ads

I was browsing YouTube the other day, and noticed that there are some “Get a Mac” commercials which are not on the usual getamac website. These commercials are in the original setting with Justin Long as the Mac and John Hodgman as the PC, but ony published through YouTube or as Flash commercials.

PC Hiding A short commercial where PC is hiding from virusses and spyware.
Drivers Wierd commercial where PC tries to get outside, because he urgently needs new drivers.The joke in this commercial is a bit lame, which is maybe the reason thatit didn’t get posted on the getamac gallery.
don’t give up on Vista By far the most funny commercial I found. It is also a remarkable one, becase Apple does not do these kind of “Flash integrated in website” commercials often.The PC tries to convince people not to giveup in Vista. Guess what happens…
David Pogue on Vista vs OSX Vista got a lot of flac from Apple fans who claimed that Vista is just a bad copy of Apple’s Tiger and Leopard. In this video, David Pogue of the New York Times clearly demonstrates that this is not the case. Windows Vista is an operating system with a lot of new, innovative user interface improvements never seen before.
Install Vista And finally, if David convinced you, and you would like to install Vista on your PC, this guy shows you how simple it is to install Windows Vista in just 2 minutes onto your machine.

There are a lot of other funny Mac vs Windows videos to be found on YouTube. A lot of these are sometimes excelent copies or spoofs, and there are even Linux versions where Linux is played by a beautiful lady.

Choose your poison.


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