OSX 10.5.1 Update, still SMB problems

Last week, I hapily installed OSX 10.5 (Leopard) on my trusty Mac Mini. The upgrade from Tiger went without a hitch, and the system even got a bit “snappier”. For a week, I had no major issues with Leopard. The Dock dissapeared once, and I had a non-reacting keyboard once when waking from sleep mode. Other than that I am a happy Leopard user.

Up until a few das ago, when I tried to access my newly acquired 500GB Iomega Network Storage. The Iomega drive is a network connected drive, formatted as FAT32, and accessible through the samba (SMB://) protocol. With Leopard, I could see the drive in the network, and I could double click on it’s shares, but when (if) the share connected, I could not drag files onto it, or see what is on the disk. Unmounting takes ages, and sometimes requires me to “killall -9 Finder”.

I browsed the net and found quite a few people on forums discussing the same problem. Luckaly, Apple also had payed attention, and put out an update, which I installed just a few minutes ago. Sad thing is, that this update does not solve my problem (yes, that’s Dutch you’re reading):

Upload to Samba Share problem

So I tried all tips I could find in the forums:

  • Connect using the IP address, rather than the network name
  • Change the group of the device (WORKGROUP changed to NOTIT)
  • Remove any non-alphabetical characters from paswords
  • Remove passwords alltogether
  • Connect using CIFS:// in stead of SMB://
  • Any combination of the above

After previous experience with Apple products I seriously began doubting the samba implementation of the Iomega drive. So I tried some things on the Iomega drive, amongst which were:

  • installing a (wrong) firmware update, which almost bricked it.
  • Resetting to factory defaults
  • Erasing Mac sidecar or meta files (the .DS ones)
  • Formatting the drive completely
  • Unsetting and setting passwords
  • Changing share names to lowercase

But still, nothing. Leopard will not properly access this drive. Funny thing is, that when I try to connect to the Iomega drive from my other Mac, which runs Tiger, it works flawlessly. And I can also connect to that same drive from a Windows machine. This makes it clearly a Leopard problem to me, and one that still needs to be fixed, despite the speedy update issued by Apple.

Can we have another fix please, Apple? I can’t reach my remote rsynced backups until you do…


21 Responses to OSX 10.5.1 Update, still SMB problems

  1. Troy L says:

    I’m having exactly the same problem except I use a SafeCOM NAS

  2. rolfje says:

    More early adopters blues: Leopard OSX 10.5.1 will not burn DVD+R discs. It writes a lead-in, and a lead-out, but no content from iDVD.

    Burning a DMG directly to DVD+R also dosn’t help, it stops writing after 1 minute, ruining the disc, and returning an error that de drive did not return correctly and the error is irrecoverable.

    Really strange, I’ve never seen such obvious bugs from Apple. I sure hope it’s not an upgrade problem because I’d hate to re-install my Mac mini from scratch, loosing all my settings.

  3. Tijs says:

    I’m having a big problem to with my Iomega network drive 32OGB.
    Every time I try to connect to it, my powerbook just freezes. A restart by holding down the power button is al I can do.

    I tried it with a friend ibook running Tiger, and there wasn’t a problem.
    The drive popped up in de finder and works like it should.

    It’s clear Leopard has a BIG problem with smb.
    I am seriously thinking of downgrading back to Tiger.

  4. James says:

    Saw the update (10.5.1 Leopard), grabbed it, installed it… NO DICE! This really sucks. How much longer do we have to wait?

    How about this situation?

    A tiger machine with a mounted HFS+ and FAT32 drive.

    On leopard machine I can see the HFS+ drive but not the FAT32 drive.

    By editing the smb.conf directory (on the Tiger machine) I can share the drive:


    Leopard successfully mounted it using smb. (NO CHANGE FROM 10.5)

    But I still am having no luck with NTFS….

    On Tiger I have NTFS drives… Both appear great using MacFUSE and NTFS-3G.

    I have installed MacFUSE and NTFS-3G on the Leopard machine also, but I get a “unexpected error”: -6602 which happens after selecting the share to mount from the Tiger machine.

    No idea what would happen if both were Leopard.

    Would love to downgrade…

    Hoping that an iomega Ultramax storage unit HFS+ on the Tiger will be visible on Leopard so I can finally clear some space from all the drives an share music everywhere…

    Dear Apple, please help! Please let NTFS and Fat32 drives mount remotely under all circumstances! Thanks…

  5. Andy says:

    Hi rolfje,

    Did you notice Iomega’s firmware update K104.W11? I had the exact same problem. But it works utterly! Try it!

  6. Atom says:

    I’ve upgraded MacBook Pro to Leopard yesterday, and can not access my Iomega 500g hard drive anymore via my airport extreme USB port… like I could while using Tiger. My G4 iMac can still access via the airport extreme using Panther, but my Macbook Pro can’t. I’m pretty pissed off… even more then I was since my Photoshop 7 doesn’t anymore either. I wish I would of never upgrade to Leopard, I’ve wasted so much time to trying to fix this issue. The only work around I have come up with is plugging the Iomega directly into the MacBook Pro via a via Fire Wire….wrecking the mobility I had previously. Apple better fix this!

  7. This thread may help … http://tinyurl.com/367m9q

    Specifically, scroll down pretty far to the post from Alan Edinger. I haven’t tried it but it looks the most promising. I found it yesterday AFTER I’d reformatted my HD and resintalled Tiger. Running great. No plans for Leopard EVER at this point…


  8. AJ says:

    I don’t know if you’re still following this post, but I had a similar problem with my Leopard install at work. I could access the Windows shared folders (SMB) but couldn’t write to them even though I could with Tiger. Installed the 10.5.1 update which promised to fix this issue, no dice.

    Well the other day I came across the Get Info panel for my folder and the “Locked” checkbox was checked. Fixing my issue was as simple as unchecking it.


  9. Rick says:

    For a couple of weeks I’ve been experiencing those problems with a network storage drive of a different make.
    Finaly I thought of checking what adress Tiger (on a different Mac) was using to connect and it turned out to bee:
    cifs://WORKGROUP;USERNAME@DRIVENAME/SHARENAME (please note the semicoon not “:” after workgroup) (drivename can als be IP adress)
    this worked perfectly on Leopard (use this or the same adress starting with smb://….)
    Hope this works the saame for you

  10. Justin says:

    Rick…thank you so much. For months I have been trying to get this to work, and you finally provided a solution that allowed me to map my network drive in Leopard! 1000 kudos, you really helped me out.

  11. Gus Dalling says:

    I too have upgraded my macbook to leopard and cannot see any files on my fat 32 partitioned network drive (maplin electronics network drive case containing 160 gb ide drive), yet it works fine on my tiger g3 imac. the only way i found round this was to make the shares I have on my network drive ftp shares also and use fireftp in irefox to manage the files, far from ideal but it works, seems to have problems accessing the ntfs shares on my xp machine also.

  12. wink says:

    Hi there.

    Make shure you’ve upgraded the firmware of the Iomega drive to the actual version K104.W11

    After I had upgraded, I had no more problems.

    PS: Connect via “Command-K” from the finder, then use “smb://IP-NUMBER-OF-IOMEGA-DRIVE/FOLDERNAME” and as user/password I’ve used admin/admin.

    Hope this helps!

  13. […] Solved SMB problems (for me) In a previous post on this blog, I indicated that the 10.5.1. update of Apple’s OSX did not fix my network and […]

  14. Dilbird says:

    Nothing mentioned here or anywhere else (including multiple sessions with Apple Tech) has fixed this for me. I can see the NTFS volumes on my XP from my Macbook Pro Leopard, but can not see into any folders. A thumb drive FAT volume on the PC opens fine from the Mac. Looks like only a Leopard patch will fix this. Maybe before the next Super Bowl.

  15. rolfje says:

    I’m sorry to hear that. Maybe the 10.5.2 update fixes things. That, or the 10.5.3 update (which is expected to arrive in March or May) maybe fixes it.

  16. Mike Bond says:

    I was having many of the same issues accessing smb shares, both from windows machines and a WD Book World II nas drive. Issues ranged from visibility in Finder to unable to look up by netbios name and having to use ip address and other various issues.

    I finally found http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=1277379&tstart=0 which pointed out the issues with nmbd and the MacOS firewall. By changing three settings, one in Security->Firewall and and two in Sharing, shares started showing up again, name lookups started working, etc.

    The reason for the Sharing options, even if you don’t plan on sharing anything, is that it adds a “File Sharing (AFP, SMB)” entry in the Firewall access list which is needed for the SMB name lookup daemon (nmbd) to function properly. As far as I can tell requiring incoming connections is a fundamental flaw in the SMB name lookup protocol, not in the implementation.

    1. Switch the firewall from “Allow only essential services” to “Set access for specific services and applications” in the Security->Firewall. This setting can be annoying initially in that any application that tries to create a listen port will cause a popup asking if you want to allow it, but in time this will work itself out.

    2. Enabling “FIle Sharing” in Sharing, even if you don’t intend to actually share any folders.

    3. Enable “Share files and folders using SMB” in Sharing->Options… Note that if you turn the File Sharing off and on again this setting will be lost and will have to be re-enabled.

  17. Dan McCollum says:

    I have tried every single thing that everyone has said to try, and nothing seems to fix my issue when attempting to access my LAN Sever. It used to work flawlessly under Tiger and Panther. Heck, I even got it to mount in Mac OS 9.x and Mac OS 8.6. As far as that goes, it mounts on my PC box. Get this, I can mount the darn thing on my Mac mini running Leopard, but ONLY from an emulated PC on VMWare Fusion. So, in other words, at this point, the only feasible way to access a LAN Server or WIndows machine under Leopard, is to start Windows in the background and copy files from the virtual machine to the Mac desktop. SAD!!

    Oh, and by the way, the Mac OSX 10.5.3 update did not fix this.

  18. T Carruth says:

    I am using OS 10.5.4 with macMini and intel Macbook. Have spent most of a day trying to get Iomega 500 Home Network drive to work with Apple Backup. I finally manage to update the Firmware to K1.08 L1.0 W1.5 and it seems to work, in that I have managed 1 successful backup. I also followed the file sharing and SMB advice above.

    i am really peeved that Iomega had the nerve to say the drive was Mac compatible as I had naively expected to plug it in an use it – shoudl have spent the extra money and bought a Time Capsule that would have worked with TimeMachine

  19. Mdx4 says:

    I’m falling in the same problem,
    I’ve done a post in the Iomega Forum 🙂

    I’ve also found problems with this devices in other places: try to google with “K1.08 L1.0 W1.5”.

    try with netstat -m before and after the transfers, looks like that there is an mbuf leak (TCP/IP stack in BSD like systems).

  20. same problem with a asus wl 500gp… no luck whatsoever to write to the smb drive (10.5.7).

  21. connectionfailure says:

    I have just seen this and I’m on 10.5.8. Obviously a bug with a low priority at Apple or they would have written a nicer error dialog.

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