23 Kicks Flickr’s ass!

Since WordPress has a 50MB space limit for images uploaded to the blog, I was looking for a place to host my galleries. Some friends of mine have Flickr accounts but I really hate it’s cluttered and non-intuitive user interface.

Yesterday evening I found a very good alternative to Flickr, which actually is much cooler. It has all the features Flickr has, but it’s user interface is much, much more intuitive, and less cluttered. It’s fast, free and has a very cool upload feature which lets you edit the photo’s as they’re uploading! It’s an amaing feature you’d have to see for yourself.

And where can you find all this wonderfull stuff? It’s at www.23hq.com. Try it out, it’s completely free, has no userspace or download limitation, and no spam is sent to you. The only limitation to free accounts is that you can upload maximum 30 photo’s per month. But don’t worry, you can upload 300 photo’s the first week to get your account started.

Leave that Flickr account and join 23 logo !


One Response to 23 Kicks Flickr’s ass!

  1. […] New York online… We have returned from our trip to New York. Actually, we’ve been staying in Weehawken, New Jersey to visit Manhattan. Today I maxed out my upload limit for this month to put the pictures online. You can see them at my 32hq account (because Flickr hurts my eyes). […]

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