1 week Gran Canaria

Last week in Gran Canaria, I…

  • Shot 158 photo’s, some of which available here
  • Walked approx. 35 km while checking out Maspalomas and Playa del Ingles:
    Google Map

  • Found out that on Gran Canaria, you want to eat at Danish restaurants, particularly those that don’t have the irritating waiters walking outside to talk people into eating at their restaurant.
  • Played “Everybody’s Golf” from beginner to EG Instructor level. Everybody’s Golf is also known as Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee.
  • Added ratings to 374 (three hundred and seventy four) songs, exhausting my “never played” playlist for the first time.
  • Saw a lot of people happily walking on their butt-ugly, fluorescent green or pink “Crocs”.
  • Amazed myself at how much room a baby needs on a plane, and how many people need to get out of the way to change diapers at the very same place the food is prepared (no thank you, just coffee please).

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