Phrack still in ASCII

It is a long time since I read this stuff, but I stumbled upon a paper discussing the non-executable stack on OSX (a trick to prevent buffer/stack overflow exploits). Ah, the good old days. And with all this markup, it’s good to see that Phrack magazine stuck to their format. It’s still the same as over 20 years ago… Well written articles, focussed on correctness and content, for the coders out there who are not afraid experimenting with some assembly. The amount of (nightly) hours that go into the research and proof of these articles are unbelievable, and it shows.

I’m afraid the years of Java have eroded my assembly knowledge, it’s hard to keep up with the paper. But I loved to skim through the mov‘s, jne and jnz‘s, and the great comments. New young developers don’t even learn how to write assembly anymore, the spoiled brats… 🙂

For more trips down memory lane, also check the Dutch Hack-Tic magazine. Someone actually scanned all the pages every written in Hacktic. See if you can find the first XS4ALL machine in there… Too bad that they didn’t have photo’s of te “Hacking at the end of the Universe” in 1993, I really liked that one. I did found the invitation online, and Fransisco wrote a nice article for the Volkskrant. There are more links at the bottom of Fransisco’s article if you like.

Now where did I leave my Jolt? Twice the energy, half the taste…


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