iChat saves the day

Bruce Willis on iChatSo you are on a nice forum, discussing stuff with people you don’t even know, or even don’t care to get to knowing. They’re just there to exchange thoughts with, and you don’t even care that he’s called “g0d1s.4.f4g” (or worse), and you even don’t know if he is a she. Then in comes this guy and actually uses a readable name, tells you who he is, and talks like he talks in real life. No shorthand, no l33t sp33k, just plain English with typo’s, like any normal, sane person. Even worse, he claims to be a celebrity, wanting to talk to some of his fans without all the security, press and other stuff.It sounds too good to be true, but for Die Hard fans out there, it has really happened!. Complete with screenshots of a video iChat session where Bruce Willis prooves who he is to non-believers.

The thread itself is rather lengthy (more than 1000 posts) and contains a lot of off-topic childish crap before the iCat moment, and after that contains even more crap with people posting useless “Oh my god” messages. But there are some funny comments if you have the time to skim through.


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