Apple and EMI follow up

In a previous post I told you that Steve Jobs wants to provide DRM-free music through iTunes, but was held back by music companies. Steve must have had a few long and hard talks, because now EMI and Apple are teaming up to provide high quality DRM-free tracks through the iTunes music store, priced at $1.30. The same track, in a lower sound quality, with DRM costs $0.99. For 30 cents, you get a track you can actually use, with a higher bitrate.

At the same time this could be a trick by Apple to get around the legal issues currently being discussed about iTunes music not being available to other players than the iPod. Smart eh?


One Response to Apple and EMI follow up

  1. […] few months later, Apple and EMI actually started a new service in iTunes called iTunes plus, selling 256kbps DRM-free AAC files. If you’ve […]

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