Today the Mac OS Software update popped up, and warned that these updates would require a reboot (about 80% of the updates do not require a reboot). I have gotten so used to not having reboot and hangup troubles that I almost was surprised to see that I needed to reboot. I use my Mac mini for editting foto’s, video, recording TV programs, streaming music, programming, mail, and the usual webbrowsing. It is so quiet and uses so little power that I only power off the screen, and leave the Mac on. I noticed that I have not turned it off for the past 20 days:

rolf$ uptime
20:17  up 20 days, 23:37, 3 users, load averages: 0.20 0.26 0.20

Not bad for a workstation eh? Glad I bought a Mac, it was worth every penny. The other Mac mini I bought to replace my fileserver is also still worth every penny.Just thought I’d share some of my newly acquired Zen with you…


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