Apple reinvents phone, ipod and userinterface… in 1 go

iPhoneI have been watching the Macworld 2007 keynote address for the last 2 hours and all I can say is:…

Jup, nothing. I am absolutely amazed by the way Apple has not only reinvented the phone (look ma, no keys!) but also the ipod (look ma, coverflow!), and maybe the most overlooked, but they reinvented the mouse!!!

A couple of months ago, I was amazed at this new userinterface Jeff Han presented . It was touchscreen based, and very intuitive. He amazed the crowds with it. At the time me and my collegues guessed that he must have had several computers working in parallel to be able to facilitate this. Now, Apple actually integrated it into the phone!

If you think a phone without keys sucks, and you think your blackberry is a great device, please take a look at the keynote presentation, I think you will want one of these. If you are too busy to sit for 2 hours watching this amazing device, or even too busy to watch the shortened version (on the same page, as the keynote, above), I’ll list some of the highlights:

  • Large (and I mean LARGE) touch sensitive display all over the front of the phone
  • ipod functionality, syncing not only your music, but also your photos, movies and contacts automagically between your Mac and your phone
  • Runs Mac OSX, Apples operating system shipped with all macs. (Yes REALLY runs it)
  • Full, 100% normal internet browsing using a new version of Safari (told you it runs OSX, didn’t I?)
  • Full Google maps integration (not a crippled mobile phone version), enabeling you to view maps and satelite images on your phone, and integrates with your phonebook and other applications. Lookup where an address is, or search for the nearest Starbucks and directly phone a store from within the Google map (demo in keynote).
  • Full rich text IMAP and POP3 email client with very easy to use onscreen keyboard with error correction
  • Tilt sensor to enable to view anything in landscape mode by just holding your phone horizontally, providing widescreen movie viewing!
  • Gesture based user interface, allowing you to navigate through the phone and zoom in and out on practically anything
  • Quad band phone using GSM + EDGE standard. Currently only shipping with Cingular and AT&T and a free Yahoo! imap account. Technically possible to use in Europe using any GSM network provider, but I don’t know how the Cingular contract looks for Europe.
  • Built in WIFI and bluetooth technology to connect to the internet or any network, and a bluetooth headset, and it does that seemlesly
  • Random access voicemail (tap on the voicemail you want to hear)
  • Priced at $499 for a 4GB model, and $599 for an 8 GB model, available in June in US, end of 2007 in Europe, and 2008 in Japan.

iPhone unlockedMy list could go on and on, but these are probably the highlights you were looking for. I’ve seen Steve using the iPhone, and the userinterface is a dream. If you own a Microsoft mouse with the “heavy scrollwheel” you will know what I mean when the iPhone scrolls through the lists by giving it a swing. Amazing to look at. The Core animation of OSX is in the phone, so everything tilts, swoops and zooms like on your desktop and it is really, really nice too look at.

My guess is that by doing this and patenting it, the next step Apple will take is reinvent the desktop userinterface. Have your screen built into your desk, throw your keyboard away and touch the screen! It has been done before, but after you’ve seen the keynote you will agree with me that Apple can do it right this time.

It has been quite some time since I have been amazed by a product like this, although it will be a while before I own one because I’m afraid it will get stolen because of it’s good looks. I’m afraid it will even push the iPod out of the market a little, and Zune will be dead and gone when the iPhone hits the market…

Go and see the Macworld 2007 keynote address, and see his Steveness improvise when his “Clicker’s not working” just before he announces “Apple Computer Inc” is now going to be called just “Apple Inc”. Maybe Apple should ship this keynote on DVD. Seriously. Even if the only reason is seeing John Mayer perform “Gravity” live and unplugged at the end.

I’ll hold on to my Google and Apple shares for a while I guess…


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