Nice Mac Tools

As a Mac user, I have absolutely no problem editting, moving and viewing large video, audio and image files. There was one thing I missed though, and that is a tool which is able to quickly view a large JPG (like OSX’s own preview) but then skip to the next image in the directory when selecting “next”. Today I have found just that tool, and it is a dream to work with. It called Xee (not to be confused with the rather lame Xsee).

Xee loads jpg’s blindingly fast from my remote fileserver. Then, using just the keyboard, I can easily zoom in, out, skip to the next or previous file in the directory, fit the image to screen, etc. After testing about 20 or so image viewers, It is absolutely the best image viewer I have found.

During the search for Xee, I also encountered the OSX Power Tools page, which is a list of very handy utilities for the Mac, and from what I can see all of them are free to use (check license to be sure).

Merry Christmas!


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