Ati SUCKS! Windows SUCKS!

Just to share some frustration with you guys, I just spent 4 hours trying to update the Ati video drivers for my Mobility Radeon 9200 video card in my laptop from version 6.14 to 6.5. And all this just because Second Life crashes on my laptop every 3 minutes.

The Ati installer just crashes because there is already an old version of the driver on the system. Any normal manufacturer would be able to upgrade the driver, no? No. This is a windows system, and even with the slightest sign of problenms, you end up digging forums where people have found how to edit the registry to get things done. And then it will still not work. Windows is so full of crap, I even found a driver cleaner tool. And no, that also did not work.

I can not wait to replace my shoddy PC laptop with an iBook or macbook pro. Mind you, this is an Acer Ferrari 3000 laptop I’m typing this on, which should be a decent laptop. But the Windows way just screws it all up.

Every 10 hours of PC, I spend 2 to 4 fixing problems or upgrading drivers. Every 10 hours of Mac, I spend 0 hours updating drivers and 0 hours fixing things. I see an easy winner here in the productivity departement….


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