Welcome www.rolfje.com readers!

Because the update process of my old site was much more hassle than typing a post, I noticed that my blog was better maintained than my site. Therefore I have decided to redirect traffic to my domain (rolfje.com) to my blog. You can still find the original content of http://www.rolfje.com at http://www.xs4all.nl/~rrolfje/.

To be able to do this I had to strip the original content of the “link protection script” which would lead you to http://www.rolfje.com in case somebody framed my site in his site. I discovered I could do this without even uploading the whole site again (I can’t figure out how to get my homebrew perl synchronization script working again). I wrote the following short script called “fixlinks.sh” and placed in my home dir on the server:

sed -e 's@window.location = "http://www.rolfje.com/";
...          @/* window.location = "http://www.rolfje.com/"; */@'
...          $1 > $1.new
mv $1.new $1
echo processed $1

(the “…” indicating a wrapped line here) and then issued the following command from the WWW directory:

find . -name "*.htm?" -type f -exec ~/fixlinks.sh {} \;

From now on, the pages no longer care where they’re linked from. The content is pretty outdated and only interesting for racers still having a Proceed, so I guess that the whole issue of people framing my site to make believe they have the “scoops” is no longer a problem.

Enjoy the new content and/or setup. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, give a shout, I can include another radio button in the search on my site to include the original http://www.rolfje.com content.


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