Finding double entries in iTunes

The Mac has been on for the past few days, even with the Maxtor FAT32 250GB drive connected, without problems. I hope it doesn’t break down again, because I’d have to bring it to a different Mac store and explain the whole thing again… Anyway, I was playing with iTunes and found a simple trick to find double entries.

Open a Terminal, go to the root of your iTunes music collection folder and type
find . -name "*1.mp3" -type f

This will give you a list of all tracks ending with “1.mp3”, which is how iTunes renames double-entries. Do not look at the filenames, but rather select the artist in iTunes with the double tracks, and use the “show double entries” in iTunes to do the rest.

It isn’t much, but it saves you the trouble of finding double tracks in your 8 zillion tracks 😉 .
Have fun!


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