Mac Support… is… slooowww

As you’ve probably read, my brand new Mac Mini has a memory problem. I have brought it in for repair, but I am “slightly irritated” by the speed at which the guys from the stores pick things up.

Friday, May 6th: I’ve found out that the mini has a consistent, reproducable memory problem. I suspect a technician could even tell which of the two memory modules it is judging from the faulty address (faulty single bit even, for the technical readers amongst us). It’s late in the evening so I have to wait for the next day to call. I printed out a screenshot of the memory error and location, and put that in the box with the mini, to make sure they have a clear problem description.
Saturday, May 7th: Started calling the shop. They state that the tech support guys are not in on saturday. Strange, since they installed the memory modules on a saturday when I bought the thing. Can’t the same guy swap out both modules so I have my machine back? Finding out which module is faulty can be done in the shop without me waiting. No apperantly not. I tried to call 3 of their shops, of which Amsterdam didn’t even return my call even though I asked the operator to tell them to call me back.
Sunday, May 8th: Although the shop in Amsterdam claims to be open, they are to busy to pick up the phone.
Monday, May 9th: I tried to call the new shop in Haarlem, but I get a “Sorry all lines are busy” message all day. At the end of the day I decide to drive to the shop. The shop is open, but they have network and phone problems (thanks to KPN, they claim). Because it is a new shop eveybody is uncertain as to what to do, and it takes me 45 minutes (!) to get the Mac mini to be taken in for repairs, even though I was helped the moment I entered the shop. They warn me that the repair is going to take a week (!).
Tuesday, May 16th Still no call from the shop in Haarlem. When I try to call, I notice they still have the same phone line problems. So, I drive to the shop again to find out how the repairs are going. They in form me that my Mac is “scheduled for repair on the 19th”!. So it has been sitting there for almost 2 WEEKS! And then they haven’t even begun to look at the problem. They expect it to be repaired and ready to be picked up at Monday, May 22nd at the earliest.

As you can read, this is not a happy start of my 1600+ euro Apple adventure. I really hope they can get their logistics and repair process in shape. I really like the Mac mini, but I sure don’t like the way Mac support takes their time to switch to memory modules and run a diagnostics tool.


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