Mac Mini Crash: Maxtor not the problem

MemtestIn my last post, the Maxtor OneTouch drive was the prime suspect of the spontanious crashing of the Mac. Tonight the Mac mini crashed again, but this time without the Maxtor connected to it. So I set out to do a thourough memory test in single user mode, running memtest. And after a few iterations it was there: The dreaded memory failure. I guess I have to bring my mini back to the store to get replacement memory.Intermitting problems like this are terrible. They are hard to find, and you loose all trust in your computer, saving every 3 seconds, hoping you don’t loose anything. If the external drive was really to blame, I would seriously have doubted the implementation of the USB drivers, because the system crashes without warning, without logging or anything. A memory failure was actually the more plausible casue all the time, since the kernel just stops because the processor(s) reach a part of the memory where there was supposed to be code, but has become garbage. To be able to log, the processor has to execute code.


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