Eclipse on Intel Macs

Eclipse looks really nice on OS X. I can tell, I have it running on my mac Mini duo core. If you have problems getting it to start, and the logfile complains about linker errors, chances are you have the PPC version of the eclipse app file. To check this, Ctrl-click on the file. If it doesn’t say “(Universal)” somewhere next to “Type:”, then you need to download a newer version. Get the Eclipse 3.2 RC2 or higher, and make sure you download the “Mac OSX (Mac/Carbon)” version.

I have milestone 5 running here, because I didn’t pay attention when downloading. I will upgrade to RC2 tommorow I guess…

Update: I was worried about not being able to develop older java versions. Particularly installing an older version of Java on my Mac worried me. But Eclipse gave me a nice surprise: OS X has all Java versions installed by default (1.3 up to 1.5), and eclipse auto-detects them! Brilliant! Next up: Installing Maven.

Eclipse showing the Java VM’s


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