Flip4Mac 2.0.2 does not install on Intel Macs

Bummer, I was hoping to be able to open those wmv files I get mailed in the Quicktime window. Although OS X claims to be supporting Flip4Mac since 10.4.5 (I have 10.4.6), the Flip4Mac installer exits with a message about not being able to install on Intel based hardware.I guess I’ll have to live with -gasp- Windows Media Player 9 for OS X for now. I tried to install it, but it requires mee to enable the Microsoft Office testdrive kit, which I am definetely NOT planning on doing, wmv files are not worth those troubles. I am hoping on a universal binary Flip4Mac soon…

Funny thing is, that the Windows Media player for OS X is actually only 7 MB in size. I seem to recall that Media Player 10 for Windows XP took quote some time downloading, and ate nearly all of the free space on my harddisk, which I was really pissed about. But then again, since they require me to enable the Microsoft Office testdrive, they have probably allready sneaked part of the player into the OS X distribution, the bastards.

Comment from Antonio on how to solve this: You can get Flip4Mac to work through Rosetta, but Telestream is a couple weeks away from releasing a public Universal beta version. Check this blog for some details and other info bits: http://flip4mac.blogspot.com/

My response: Great, just used the tip on blogspot, and it worked! I can now view wmv files nicely. Thanks for the tip!


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