Want those CD boxes back?

When I used iTunes on XP, I was jealous of the terrific plugins for iTunes running on OS X. Now that I have a Mac Mini, I was looking for a plugin to update the album art automatically. Pim showed me an even better alternative: Clutter! Not only can it search and update album art automatically for you, it also gives you the option to put your albums on your desktop. This is the best virtual alternative to having CD’s lying on your desk. A must have for iTunes users I think. Very nice.

Sidebar: My file server still runs Windows, and it has been working flawlessly for the past 5 years, being constantly “on” and storing family pictures and music. My laptop is an XP machine and works quite nicely too. So maybe it’s because I don’t need to, but for now I don’t want to install XP on my Mac. It feels like a step back, it adds a sour taste to your strawberry icecream :-). XP is nice, but not as a desktop. Too much bloatware.


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